Forgotten RCAF 404 Squadron Airmen – André Lauzon and David Andrews

Photos from the collection of André Lauzon

André Lauzon

André Lauzon


Attacking Beaufighters


Damage on his Beaufighter

papa et pilote 404

André Lauzon and his pilot David Andrews

papa squadron 404

André Lauzon


André Lauzon and his pilot David Andrews




This was a comment left on the now defunct website that paid tribute to 404 Squadron. It tells us more about the exploits of André Lauzon and  his pilot David Andrews.

The 404 Squadron history web page is well presented. I was a member of the squadron from April 1943 to July 1944. The account of events on May 1, 1943 should include the name of the pilot and navigator who were David Andrews as pilot and André Lauzon as navigator. They flew Beaufighter “B”. The plane was hit by over 100 machine gun bullets. No 20mm guns were fired; the Messerschmitt pilot had obviously not engaged his guns…. This could explain why the Beau was able to return with two flat tires, the port engine leaking, no air pressure and no hydraulics.
We would appreciate it if the names of the crew were mentioned. Andrew and Lauzon both completed a 38-operation tour, which ended in July 1944.
I enclose a photo of pilot David Andrew and navigator André Lauzon, as well as a photo of B taken by myself before the Beau was towed out of the hangar.