RCAF photo

Front row, dead center

Rog is Roger Savard. Rog survived Black Friday.

Source Internet

Bristol Beaufighter, NV292 EE-O
Pilot: F/O J.R. Savard, RCAF, survived but captured, P.O.W.
Navigator: P.O. J Middleton, RAF, 187929, Norwood Green, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

F/O JR Savard made a wheels-up landing on the ice with his aircraft on fire, likely after being hit by flak. The Beaufighter survived the crash but turned upside down and trapped the crew. Norwegian civilians ran out to the aircraft but had to retreat when they were fired at by German soldiers. Savard and Middleton were seen to be pulled from their aircraft by flak crews, but Middleton was so severely wounded that he did not survive. Savard spent the rest of the war as a POW.

Next time more about Rog…

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