Remembering Victor Thomas Robinson


RCAF photo

Victor Thomas Robinson was part of 404 Squadron. He was killed on March 30th, 1944 off the coast of Norway.
His navigator was Flying Officer Devine was also killed.


Their bodies were never recovered.

Victor Thomas Robinson’s father was Arthur Ward Robinson.

Source Ancestry

Arthur Ward Robinson is also seen here in a family photo.

Source Ancestry

Arthur is on his father’s left. His mother Barbara McKay is on the right with little Hugh McKay Ferguson, the son of Victor’s sister Katherine.

Arthur Ward Robinson died in 1940 so he never knew his son Victor died nor did Carrie Davis, Victor’s mother, who died in 1942.

Victor was married to Ruth Audrey Dennison who would later remarried.

According to his record of service file, Victor was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 14, 1918. This is where I found people interested in his story…

A Facebook group page when I started sharing Victor’s photo.

To be continued….


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